30 March 2012

My nice letter to the Jehova's Witnesses.

Kingdom Hall
31 Market Street
Sheffield S13 7PD

18th March 2012

Dear Sir or Madam

I have received an invitation today to attend your event on the 5th April, when I am invited to “listen to scriptural answers” and one on the 8th April when I am invited to a “discourse”. In fact your flyer asks me “How I view Jesus” and then invites me to hear “the answer”. Your flyer does not state who will be giving the talks or mention their qualification to do so. It does however mention that “Jesus is now reigning as an exalted king” which I feel I have to take issue with.

I have read much on the subject of the New Testament including A.N. Wilson’s excellent book on the subject of Jesus and I doubt that you have reached the same conclusion as I have about how to view Jesus. I would particularly like to hear about evidence for Jesus’ existence outside of the Bible and what your cult makes of the many virgin birth and resurrection stories that preceded Jesus.

Are you able to confirm that there will be a question and answer each talk? Otherwise it would seem a little pointless to turn-up if I am just going to be preached at.

I look forward to receiving further information about this event so that I can make up my mind if it will be beneficial for me to attend. Alternatively I am happy to address your group separately regarding my understanding of Jesus from an atheist perspective. Do you have guest speakers of different persuasions?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Philip Gilbert.

28 March 2012

Love and Gods.

Love is not about being obedient. It is about being true to what we are. We can only genuinely love if we do not deny the knowledge that is available to us or aspects of ourselves that we are not comfortable with.

Why would we be expected to love someone who sets out to deprive us of loyalty to ourselves, as in the case of Adam and Eve? Only a sadistic pedagogue of a God would tell of the tree of knowledge and then forbid eating its fruit.

Today we have access to almost limitless information and no-one can forbid those of us lucky enough to live in free society from trying to understand and make sense of our role in this World. Atheists can communicate like never before and we have shown time and again how we can come together to challenge religious absurdity. When God’s appointees at the highest mortal level begin to defend their position by attacking militant atheism, we know just how much the tree of knowledge is defeating their dogma.

People now demand the freedom to access knowledge as a basic human right and it is that expectation that will undermine and topple theocracy.

28 August 2011

MP leads group to clarify religious discrimination.

"Following a series of high-profile court cases, Gary Streeter, MP for South West Devon, is to head the inquiry by Christians in Parliament, an all-party parliamentary group, to "clarify" the legal position for members of the faith, and examine whether their freedoms are being "eroded"."

He voted against the ban on hunting with dogs and against gay marriage. I must also enquire who is paying for this little shindig.

This is my email to him;

Re Inquiry on religious rights.
About time. My rights are being eroded all the time. I want a return to biblical values and I want them enforced. Let's make Christianity the religion of the UK and stop trying to give other 'faiths' an equal voice. Mohammed was a paedophile and it's a disgrace that I can't wear my cross for fear of upsetting someone. Live and let live is what I say.

Ten things I would need to deny to begin to accept that the bible was written by God.

That it is clearly written by people of that time.

That there is no corroborating evidence for the House of David.

That it contradicts itself frequently.

That it promotes murder, misogyny and slavery.

That it contains a virgin birth like so many other myths.

That the Adam and Eve thing is totally absurd and without Eve and the snake there is no reason for Jesus’ death.

That God is needy, demands my attention and if I don’t do things his way, he will torture me for eternity.

That God lets the devil do his work for him.

That according to the bible, heaven is a cube where dragons live and where angels fight.

That the best way an all-powerful god (who had already drowned everything on earth to rectify a previous mistake) could redeem his creation was by impregnating a virgin so that his son could be tortured and killed to save my soul.

19 June 2011


Hello. Missed it.

30 April 2011

10 hidden things God could do to make a better world

1. Gradually raise the age at which women can become pregnant to 18
2. Correlate mens’ sperm count with their IQ and compassion levels
3. Phase out some of the nastier diseases
4. Cause a few dictators and despots to come to a violent and messy death
5. Reduce the climate extremes we are experiencing
6. Make a bit more water available in the places that really need it
7. Drop a viable concept or two for clean transport into the heads of a few
8. Ensure said scientists have access to research funds
9. Gradually build an aversion in people to nicotine
10. Enable better logical reasoning skills in people

He could do all of these things without having to ‘give himself away’ by demonstrating his existence. It seems he has a problem with publicity. He likes to be worshipped but doesn’t like to put in the personal appearances these days. It’s understandable. He is getting old.

These simple measures would ensure a better quality of life for millions. Of course some of you may be looking at the list and thinking that God is already 'On the case'. What would you add to the list?

24 April 2011

My pitch for a Reality TV Show

Ok, we have 'pastors' looking for noteriety by burning books held as holy doctrine by other faiths and the religious stupid keep banging on about how important the Bible is in telling us how to live our lives.

Even my locval Jehovanhs Witness Kingdom Hall is getting in on the act with a talk on; " Bible Principles, can they help us with todays problems?" I am willing to bet that they think they can.

I so want to turn up to that meeting (after all I am invited) with my male slave dressed in leather and on a lead. After all God doesn't have a problem with his people owning slaves. But he does have a problem with man-on-man love, namely anal sex. It is forbidden in Leviticus (twice) along with round haircuts, eating shellfish and the wearing of mixed fibres.

Perhaps I should turn up with a female slave, after all, womern are seen pretty much as property in the good book. Eve got us in to this mess in the first place and since then, women have had to know their place. They can be killed, raped and tortured under biblical law. If a woman is raped, she has to marry her rapist;

"If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her."

I could go on but here's the pitch. Find a bible-belt nutjob religious community something like Westboro and give them amnesty from the law of the land. Let them take their holy book into their own 'gated' community and get on with it. The men will be on a power trip, the women even more abused, the children damaged for life.

Drop a few weirdos in there as well, perhaps some people wanting redemption and if you want it to get really interesting have some other faiths in the mix. If there is some conflict, put it out to a public vote as to who gets stoned to death or has their hand cut off. We could even have a panel of 'Scholars' on TV each week to provide spiritual guidance (God seems to have lost interest lately). Would Anjam Choudray be the new Simon Cowell?

Some good must come from it. Religious people will surely wake up to the contradictory, sadistic, nasty piece of work for what the Abrahamic holy books are. Or will they continue to live the lie so they can look forward to eternal life?

"Dancing on Ice" could become "Dicing with Death". What do you think?